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Hey what's going on!

I'm so stoked you took the time to stop by! My name is Jake and I am a Florida wedding videographer based out of Palm Coast, FL and I freaking love getting to tell stories through cinematic wedding films but even more than that, I truly love making wedding days less stressful for couples that I get to work with! I love getting to serve people whether that's helping you carry your dress so it doesn't drag on the ground or taking out the trash in the bridal suite, I want to make your day as smooth and stress-free as possible!

I spent most of my life living in Florida but soon after college, I decided to take a detour from your typical American dream kind of lifestyle and chose to follow wherever God led me! After 4 summers working at a summer camp, two years of traveling the U.S., and a year traveling the world in ministry I Amarillo, TX to work as a youth pastor before pursuing videography full time! I met my wife, Baylee, in Amarillo and 2 months into marriage we felt called to move to Pittsburgh, PA and spent a year in ministry there until just recently moving back to Palm Coast! Jesus is still first and foremost in my life and now I just get to tell people about him through a different avenue! 

3 Weird things about me: 

-I don't like coffee

-I love cottage cheese

-I could eat ham and cheese sandwiches every day!

Contact me

Tel: 386.986.0688


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